When you put that first cookie in your mouth, euphoria spreads throughout your body. That is what happened when we tasted these cookies.

To be fair to other cookie manufacturers, we unfortunately did not try all the cookies in the world, so it is hard for us to say truthfully that Bart's cookies are the best cookies in the world. We do love a good cookie, and we did love Bart's Baked gems. 

We think what sets Bart's product apart from other baked good manufacturers is that Bart bakes his goods with love, confidence and pride. We interviewed Bart, and if you listen to the interview you will get a taste of Bart's enthusiasm. Bart takes pride in his work and his cookies are proof of that. Why else do you think Bart believes his are the best cookies?

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When we started working with Bart Smith, of Bart's cookies, I have to admit, I was excited. Truth to be told, I love cookies. My husband will tell you, he teases me about all of our reviews being geared towards sweets! When I spoke to Bart, I could not hide my excitement as I tried to remain professional as we worked out the details. 

He was sending "the world's best chocolate chip cookie". This was yet to be seen, as I am a tough judge, having tasted numerous cookies in my time. Certainly they may be good, but I thought he was using a tactic we learned in advertising, called "puffery".

The cookies arrived, and they were packed nicely, to preserve their freshness. We chose the dark/milk chocolate chip combo to review, the cookie that is lovingly referred to as the "B-Bite".

Steve and I have a habit of drinking coffee at night, and we eagerly opened the cookies. You know when you experience a good cookie, possibly the world's best cookie? 

When you put that first cookie in your mouth, euphoria spreads throughout your body. That is what happened when we tasted these cookies. Fresh, filled with chocolate, each B-Bite exploding with milk and dark chips. These cookies were phenomenal. 

The Best Cookies in the World? The only way they could be better is if we were eating them out of the oven as Bart bakes them! (Yes, he bakes all of his own cookies!)

I think what makes these cookies even better is the man behind them. It is clear Bart Smith takes pride in his cookies, as he should. When someone loves what they do, it is evident in the product. 

Could you get a package of cookies for $2.99 at your local grocery store? Absolutely! Will they taste like these cookies? Will your guests rave about them as they are served? Doubtfully. Certain things are worth spending a little more money on, and these cookies are one of them.

To show you why Bart's baked goods are contenders for the title of the best cookies in the world we cut one open to show you how much chocolate he puts inside his cookies. This cookie is stuffed so full of chocolate that it almost bursts in your mouth when you bite it.

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