The moment I opened the box I could smell chocolate! Every bite is loaded …

After accidentally coming across  Bart’s Cookies online, I knew I had to try them! Visit website, and you will be drooling just as I was. I decided to contact Bart’s Cookies to see if he would allow Sniffing 4 Savings to do a review of those decadent-looking cookies, I couldn’t stop looking at.

About 15 minutes later, my phone was ringing, and to my surprise, it was in fact the “Cookie Man” himself, Bart Smith. He was off to do his night baking and wanted my selection added to the batch, so they could be shipped out before the weekend. Was this something done special just for me? No, this is how it’s done at Bart’s Cookies. You order your cookies, they are baked, packaged and out the door within 48 hours. Bart will hold off baking orders if the shipping is going to be delayed due to Holidays or Weekends, thus avoiding your cookies sitting on a postal loading dock. This equals a fresh cookie arriving at your door!!

Mine arrived within two days of speaking to Bart that evening, and they were in fact fresh! The moment I opened the box I could smell chocolate! It was only 10:00 in the morning but hey who say’s breakfast can’t be a cookie with a cup of coffee, no rules at my house!

Bart’s Cookies are not an ordinary Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, not there is anything wrong with Grandma’s. But Bart Smith decided when baking his cookies there is no reason to spread the dough out,the cookie is as thick as it is round! This equals what he loving has termed his B-Bites, one big bite of a cookie, if that’s what you want it to be. Looking for more the a B-Bite, not a problem. Bart’s Cookies also has the B-Mo, “Big Mother” of a “1/4 pounder of a cookie.” Bring a tall drink of milk to pair up with this one!

I received a dozen of the White Chocolate Chip + Macadamia Nut “B-Bites”, a rich creamy buttery, sweet cookie loaded with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts, it just melts in your mouth! Every bite is loaded, and honestly it does take more then a bite as it is so thick and you want to savor every bite! Hard to pick a favorite out of these yummy, decadent treats but the White Chocolate Chip+ Macadamia Nut would be my number one if made to choose!

The 1/2 dozen Milk + Dark Chocolate Chip (combo) B-Bites have an equal amount if not more chips then cookie, I have never had a chocolate chip cookie with the combo of chips like this and it’s a masterpiece! The two chocolate flavor’s melt together with every bite with just the right balance of sweetness along with the cookie base.

Bart’s Cookies also added two of Bart’s infamous B-MO’s, Dark chocolate all I can say is it’s a good thing there were two, or I would have had to hide it for myself! This is the cookie I grab with a cup of tea and call it a meal! Yummy! Love the sweet dark, decadent taste of dark chocolate piled into a thick, slightly crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle cookie!

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Total Fan of Bart’s Cookies, it was a pure sweet treat reviewing these cookies. Food that tastes the best, is food made with love and with every bite you can tell Bart Smith loves what he does! Visit Bart’s Cookies on Facebook and Twitter, but the place you really want to go is straight over to and order your cookies now, you won’t be disappointed!

Coming soon one Lucky winner will be enjoying a dozen of these yummy, delicious cookies for themselves! We Will be having a Giveaway, thanks to Bart Smith the Cookie Man at Bart’s Cookies! Time to Grab Some Cookies, One Winner will receive one dozen Bart’s Cookies of your choice, and 5 Winners will receive 50% off a dozen to give this “World Famous Cookies” a try, baked fresh from the “Cookieman” Bart Smith!

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