Gluten-Free White Chocolate Chip Cookies + Macadamia Nuts


White Chocolate Chip Cookies with Macadamia Nuts

For those who are gluten-intolerant, the only ingredient that could make the white chocolate chip cookie more enticing would be to add premium-roasted Macadamia nuts to the gluten-free batter. The texture, taste, and appearance of this delicate tasting cookie makes this the number one cookie among my gluten-free customers.

Bart's Two Different Cookie Sizes: B-Bites & B-Mo'sMy Cookies Come In Two Sizes:
B-Bites and B-Mo’s

Click to see the difference between a B-Bite and a B-Mo! B-Bites are worthy of 2 to 3 bites of pure chocolate chip cookie heaven. The B-Mo’s are outrageously decadent, satisfying, and about a quarter pound in size and weight. The B-Bites come in a dozen quantity, and the B-Mo’s in sets of 4.

I also toss in extra cookies, as you can see on the right, for you to give to people (if you choose) who might be looking at you eating YOUR cookies. I know they’ll want some when they see yours!

GLUTEN-FREE COOKIE INGREDIENTS: These gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are made with gluten-free flour, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla extract, macadamia nuts, baking powder, salt, and of course, white chocolate chips. The cookies listed above do contain milk and egg ingredients, and are baked at a location that handles wheat flour and nuts. There are macadamia nuts in these cookies!

Simply click on the type and quantity of cookie you want to order:

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the desired type of cookie (i.e., B-Bites and/or B-Mo’s) and the quantity. Make one choice at a time. Your choices will accumulate on a VIEW CART page where you can either CONTINUE SHOPPING (and come back to my site to ORDER MORE) or CHECK OUT, pay for your order, and I’ll START BAKING!

ORDERING INFORMATION: All orders are shipped the same day I bake them. Depending on the time of day, and what day (during the week) you place your order, there are certain days I like baking so that your order has the best chance at getting to you fast. I’m mindful of holidays, weekends and other days that might delay your order reaching you. Click here to learn more about your order.

Bart Smith's World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (

Bart, I baked the cookies this afternoon and OMG!!! AMAZINGGG!!! We all salute you for this great recipe!

“Bart, I baked the cookies this afternoon and OMG!!! AMAZINGGG!!! Thanks soooo much for sharing the recipe with us. If possible, would you please post other recipes you’ve created (i.e.,,, etc.) of your magnificent creations!!! Amazing! ‘Mashalaaah!’ Which means, ‘WOWWWWWW’ in Arabic … I have been baking your cookies …


If I could make cookies this good I wouldn’t eat anything else.

"Everyone, these cookies are DANGEROUS! If I could make cookies this good I wouldn't eat anything else. And, this is coming from someone that still has Christmas chocolate left over 'til March. I've lost my sweet tooth, but not for Bart's Cookies." ~ Dan E., Canada


Pure heaven, absolutely the best I’ve ever had! I’m calling these ‘better than sex’ cookies …

"Hey Bart … Oh my gosh! I got your cookies today, and I just ate 2 of them. Pure heaven, absolutely the best I've ever had! I'm calling these 'better than sex' cookies, LOL!! You're the man! Thank you, so much for these sinfully delicious cookies. I told my sister I'd save two …


Dear Bart, thank you for the cookies … I ate way too many!

"Dear Bart, thank you for the cookies … I ate way too many! I'm looking forward to more cookie creations so I can eat even more next time!" ~ Donna H., Redondo Beach, CA


ARE YOU INSANE??! 🙂 P.S. Thanks, for the cookies! YUMMMMM!

"Bart, it's Valerie from New Jersey. I can't believe you have sometimes given your secret chocolate chip cookie recipe away!!! ARE YOU INSANE??! 🙂 P.S. Thanks for the cookies! YUMMMMM!" — Valerie, New Jersey


They were so delicious.

"Thanks, for sending your home-made cookies. Your thoughtfulness was certainly appreciated. They were so delicious. Thank you …" ~ Laurene L.


The cookies, as always, were/are to live for …

"Bman, I'm so full, satisfied and sleepy … I can't send e-mails! I'm lovin' my cookies, but I'm so full from milk and cookie that I can't focus. I'm fixed and happy, happy! You remain the best … The cookies, as always, are to live for … THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!" …


Thank you, Bart, your cookies are the best, I’ve shared them with everyone in the office.

“Bart, not only do you bring joy into my world every time we talk, but you top it off with the world’s best chocolate chip cookies! Your giving personality, attention to people (and how you bake cookies), … well, it’s what makes you YOU. Thank you, Bart, your cookies are the best, …


I’ve never had better cookies!

"I cannot tell a lie, Bart makes the world's best chocolate chip cookies. When he comes into our office, and asks me (in front of total strangers), 'Bonnie, do I make the best chocolate chip cookies in the whole wide world?', I have to tell them … God's honest truth, 'He …


Bart your cookies rock! Thank you for coming into our store to plug your flat tire.

Bart your cookies rock! Thank you for coming into our store to plug your flat tire. Since you insisted upon my trying your cookies (for waving the bill), I obliged. AWE! They were sooo wonderful! YOU ROCK!!! Again, thank you so much! Please bring more for the rest of the crew …