OMG, these are so good! I would have to agree with Bart, these are the world’s best chocolate chip cookies!

I’m not a cookie expert, but I do tend to eat a lot of them! You all know how bad my sweet tooth is! When I found Bart’s Cookies world famous chocolate chip cookies, I couldn’t wait to try them. Just look how yummy those cookies look! Bart’s Cookies sent me his Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies and his White Chocolate Chip Cookies. I would have to agree with Bart, these are the worlds best chocolate chip cookies.

The cookies are a perfect, almost ball shape, cookie with big chunks of chocolate chips. The cookies are not soft, but are not so crunchy they dry. They are … well …perfect! It is so hard to just eat one cookie! You would just have to try one to believe how great they really taste.

I’m really never a fan of White Chocolate Chip Cookies, it’s my wife who loves them. But that was until I tried Bart’s Cookies White Chocolate Chip Cookies. OMG, these are so good!

You have got to head over to Bart’s Cookies and check out his cookies. Bart makes several different flavors:

• Milk Chocolate Chip
• Dark Chocolate Chip
• Milk + Dark Chocolate Chip
• White Chocolate Chip
• White Chocolate + Macadamia Nut
• Peanut Butter + Milk Chocolate Chip
• Peanut Butter + Dark Chocolate Chip

You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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