If anyone’s listening, get some of Bart’s cookies. And, BE CAREFUL, they’re addictive!

"If anyone's listening, get some of Bart's cookies. And, BE CAREFUL, they're addictive! He was sending me one of his books, and told me he was sending some of his cookies as well. So, a few days later, I was looking at the mail box, and there was the package and my mouth started watering! I grabbed the box and ripped it open! So, then I realized how good they were, and I don't think I ever salivated over a bunch of cookies before. The are the perfect treat! Satisfying, yummy, and perfect combo of crunch, chewy, sweet treat (mmmm). Bart's Cookies! Get some, they're amazing. By the way, his book is pretty good too." ~ Jacquaeline, So. California