I would like to tell you they are better than mom makes. (Sorry Mom)

When I saw the Bart's Cookies website I couldn't wait to try them! Bart's Cookies offers a selection of chocolate chip cookies that all look amazing. Bart began baking chocolate chip cookies in college. Bart used to also offer his wonderful chocolate chip cookies to clients that he was working with. Bart himself is also an author, speaker, trainer and marketer. Overall he is just smart for coming up with these amazing cookies. I would like to tell you they are better than mom makes. (Sorry Mom)

So what flavors of cookies does Bart offer? Milk Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Chip, Milk + Dark Chocolate Chip Combo, and White Chocolate Chip. 

I received some of the Dark Chocolate Chip and the Milk + Dark Chocolate Chip to sample. They are all excellent. We loved them. My son (otherwise known as the cookie monster) was in heaven. Both varieties that we samples were fresh and a great texture. The cookies were not too soft and not super crunchy. I also love that they have a nice amount of chocolate in them. This really gives the cookies a wonderful flavor. The pieces of chocolate are not tiny little pieces either. Bart's Cookies have big chunks of chocolate in them. These are definitely a great cookie for those chocolate lovers. These are some of the best chocolate chip cookies that I have ever had. 

Bart's cookies are available to purchase online here. These would also make a wonderful gift too for anyone that loves sweets. You can also connect with Bart's Cookies on Facebook and Twitter.

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