I have to admit they were much better than mine!

When I first came across Bart’s Cookies I was looking not to just review them, but to challenge him because when anyone proclaims themselves to make the “best chocolate chip cookies in the World” I need to see if they stand up to MY chocolate chip cookies!  To start with, the Bart behind Bart’s cookies is unbelievable! He is not just a great baker, he is a genuinely nice and funny guy – which is always a good start to proving the world’s best cookies statement!

I ordered the Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Chip and Milk Chocolate Chips and couldn’t wait for them to come! Lucky for me they came the day before a visit to Cedar Point, so I would be able to share the taste testing with everyone coming along! The first cookies we taste tested were of course the Milk Chocolate Chip, a.k.a. “the worlds best chocolate chip cookie.” I waited for everyone to take their first bites to see their reaction before I tasted mine!

My mother was the first to point how wonderful these cookies were; she said the best thing about them is that every bite is overwhelmed with chocolate which is WHY you purchase chocolate chip cookies in the first place! My husband said he loved the thickness of the cookies- he is not a fan of flat chocolate chip cookies because he feels they taste like brown sugar instead of chocolate. My brother who is not a big fan of desserts at all, even cookies, said they were pretty amazing!

So they were wonderful, yummy, and great, but were they better than MINE? All three agreed if they weren’t better than mine they were darn close! So I will accept that (I think they were only trying to spare my feelings though) but I have to admit they were much better than mine! Honestly, there is no comparison between the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies – mine don’t hold a candle to these!

You can order Bart’s cookies directly from Bart’s website HERE! These cookies aren’t just delicious – they would make great gifts for birthday, holidays, or for any occasion! Who wouldn’t love to get COOKIES as a gift – especially the world’s best! You can also follow Bart’s cookies on Facebook to read even more great testimonials! I challenge you to take the challenge and see if your cookies compare to Bart’s …

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