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Bart Smith, Maker Of The World's Best Chocolate Chip CookiesHere’s an opportunity for you to get up close and personal with my world famous chocolate chip cookies in video format!

With these videos, you get personal access to what it’s like to bake, ship, receive and eat these heavenly chocolate chip delights. I have more videos on the way, so stay tuned!

Hey, enjoy the videos!
Bart Smith, Founder of
Bart Smith, Founder

Welcome to! (Overview/Introduction)

Here’s a great first little video to give you an overview of the cookies I bake, what type of chocolate chip flavors do I have, etc.

Melting chocolate oozing right out of Bart’s Cookies!

Truly, the #1 quality I love about my cookies is the amount of chocolate I put in them. I don’t want “just” a cookie, no. I want a “chocolate chip” cookie, with lots of chocolate. That said, check out this video depicting the amount of chocolate that goes into every cookie. When you order cookies from me, you’re getting an overflow of chocolate in every bite! Check this out!

What’s a B-MO? Well, it stands for “Big Monster” of a cookie!

For years, I’ve always baked chocolate chip cookies that were just a tad smaller than your average sized cookie you might buy in the store or other bakery. I did this for psychological and health reasons. “Hey, I’m eating a smaller cookie, I can have more!” So, I call my regular (smaller) chocolate chip cookies “B-Bites!” Well, the name “B-Mo” was born when I decided to satisfy someone’s hunger for a much larger, more decadent chocolate chip cookie.

A “B-Mo” is a larger version of the type and size of cookie I generally bake. The “B-Mo” stands for … (drum roll please) … “BIG MONSTER” of a chocolate chip cookie. Why? Because this cookie has so much chocolate inside it, it’s deemed “Big Monster” for that reason. It’s about 1/4″ pound of a cookie. It is an ocean of chocolate crammed inside the cookie from edge to delicious edge. Check out the video to see what it looks like …

How do I package your chocolate chip cookies to stay fresh?

Great question, quick answer! When I send my cookies to you, I like to see them in air-tight bags so they stay fresh! The very nano-second they cool, we seal ’em locking in their freshness. I’ve had cookies last almost 3 weeks and they were still soft! THAT is amazing. Here’s what the packaging looks like when you get your cookies in the mail delivered right to your home/office!

Here’s what shipping 3 DOZEN COOKIES looks like!

Just imagine placing an order for 1, 2 or even 3 dozen of my world famous chocolate chip cookies! You choose the flavors you want: dark chocolate chip, milk chocolate chip, dark+milk chocolate chip combo, white chocolate chip, etc. Whatever you want, I’ll be glad to bake it, pack it and ship it out to ya! Just like this …

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Bart Smith, Maker Of The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

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