Bart DOES make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies — this side of the Milky Way Galaxy.

First, let me tell you, I’m a videographer, and I helped film a cooking class one day hosted by Bart Smith. While filming, I noticed several people in the audience waiting with tremendous anticipation to see Bart bake his cookies and for them to eat them! Wow, to film this was a shear joy! I was impressed about how Bart interacted with the audience during filming. We all had a lot of fun filming his cooking class.

My experience with Bart has challenged the way I make cookies, because Bart DOES make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies — this side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Bart puts a lot of chips in his cookies which make them even more delicious. It makes a good party for everyone in the class.

Then, while filming Bart taking the cookies off the cookie sheet, I was observed the audience as Bart was passing out his famous cookies. I was also getting a lot of positive feedback from the audience. For some reason he seem to always have a ton of cookies all the time. One note, I don’t think Bart sleeps much since the demand for his cookies is continually growing. Every time I see him, he almost always has cookies on him.

Bart has also been a real inspiration for me while filming his class and I enjoy capturing everyone’s expression as they’re eating Bart cookies. It would be fun to help Bart blast out some more cookies again.

Top ten things I like most about Bart’s cookies …

1. Bart’s cookies help create relationships with people.

2. Eating Bart’s cookies helps to reduce fossil fuel consumption, because if I eat enough of Bart’s cookies we won’t want to drive anywhere. We’ll just want to stay home and eat cookies.

3. I am trying to gain weight, so if I eat enough of Bart’s cookies, I know I will achieve my goal. 

4. I like handing out Bart’s cookies at the beginning of his classes just to let people know that they are welcome.

5. Bart’s cookies seem to be everywhere. Seriously. It’s a small town where I live. 

6. When I first met Bart he was giving cookies to everyone he met.

7. The final word on nutrition and health: Eat plenty of Bart’s cookies!

8. Bart’s cookies inspire me to be good to others in ways that make people feel good about themselves.

9. Bart’s cookies make great ice breakers when meeting new people.

10. The best, but not least, is that Bart’s cookies make people smile!

Matthew C.
Boise, Idaho