About Bart Smith “The Cookie Man” & BartsCookies.com

“Respectfully, I put my Mom out of (the cookie) business when I was 18 …”

Bart Smith, maker of the world's best chocolate chip cookies since 1988.I’ve been makin’ the world’s best chocolate chip cookies for more than 20 years! It all started in 1988 when I went away to college. I was living far from home and mom’s cooking. One night, I was giving some serious thought to what to have for dinner when I realized I could have anything I wanted, and I was in the mood for some warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.

Now, Mom taught me a few things before I left for college, such as how to operate a washer and dryer, some basic cooking skills that did not include baking, and how to keep my apartment clean. Determined to have home-baked cookies, I picked up the ingredients I needed at a local grocer, and baked my first batch of cookies. To my surprise, they were a hit from the first batch!

Before long, I was baking cookies for my friends, track team members (I went to college on a track scholarship), teachers, coaches, you name it! While everyone raved about my cookies, I continued to bake while in school and in sports. I finally confided in my Mom that everyone was really enjoying my homemade cookies. I think she sensed that I was respectfully putting her out of the cookie-baking business (since mine were slightly better than hers). She said she was proud of me, although she hoped that baking wouldn’t be my “calling” and to continue pursuing my college studies!

Fast forward a couple of years (after college) I was employed by several temporary agencies who sent me out to a number of different companies. Well, this gave me ample opportunity to attend my fair share of potluck lunches. I would always bake my cookies to contribute to the dessert table. The problem was, they never made it to dessert time. The feedback I received was amazing, and the cookie baking “light bulb” turned on.

Cookies help attract clients, bring in new business, and increase one’s income …

It was during the ’90s when I started working as an independent consultant and website/graphic designer. Taking an innovative approach to entice prospective customers to my company for their business needs, I would send them a box of my world famous chocolate chip cookies. I wanted their business!

I began to observe a trend taking place in my business. Clients were signing up for my consulting services with ease, and referring my services to others. The reaction was, “Bart, how can we not work with you? These cookies are the best.”


“I don’t have a business card, but would you like a cookie?”

I’m a big fan of networking with others online and offline. I even wrote a book on networking with people called My Networking Tactics. Whenever I go out to a live in-person networking event, I rarely take business cards. Why? Because I want to make a real impression on the people I want to meet and do business with.

While business cards share your contact information, they don’t always make you stand out. What does? Bringing something fun and unique to the networking event so people remember you! In my case, cookies, what else!

CLICK TO ENLARGEWhenever people ask for my business card, I generally reply with, “I don’t have a business card, but I have cookies, would you like one?” Of course they say, “yes,” and with more interest in what I have to say (that might help them with their business).

Before you know it, 30 to 40 minutes into the networking event, people are starting to bring new people up to me that I haven’t met yet. Either to get another cookie, or to introduce me. My response? “Nice to meet you! Have a cookie, and tell me about yourself …”

Teaching, training, writing books, and baking cookies seem to go hand in hand …

Bart Smith's Online Training CenterThese days, in addition to baking the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, I’m teaching and training people about computers, marketing, business, web design, and even more at MyTrainingCenter.com, which is my personally designed and a website built — an online university where you can go to learn how to build websites, market your business, self-publish eBooks/books, create information products, become your own boss, and make extra money working from home in today’s economy.

I have also authored seven 7 self-help / non-fiction books on relationships and personal development, marketing and more. I conduct workshops, seminars, tele-seminars, webinars, and record podcasts to promote my products and services. To top things off, I own one of the top shopping cart companies on the Internet called InternetMarketingCart.com.

As a seasoned website designer, publisher, and marketing consultant, I have acquired a wealth of skills and abilities, which I am sharing with those who have a desire to learn and increase their own skill level and income-earning potential. I do all of my own (personal, product and cookie) photography, produce my own video and audio tutorials, and create large scale websites for clients.
Bart Smith, of BartsCookies.com, Maker Of The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

World’s best chocolate chip cookie? Really? Yeah!

Periodicaly, I get asked what qualifies someone to make the claim as baking the world’s best chocolate chip cookie? Well, over the years, I’ve perfected my recipe and baking techniques and my customers tell me that they (my cookies) compare to no other cookie they’ve ever had.

You could say that it’s how I relax after spending so many hours at the computer, but it’s really more about putting a little joy into people’s lives. Click here to learn why I believe I make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies – – a bold claim, but I trust my customers on this.

What’s left? What else do you want to know? For me, … it’s TIME TO BAKE!

Bart Smith, Maker Of The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie If my story has inspires you, why not treat yourself or someone you care about to some of my world’s best chocolate chip cookies. I have repeat customers who order for their families and friends as well as companies who order for their employees to reward them for a job well-done — even clients just to say, “Thank you!”

Others order to send a get well greeting, birthday wish, holidays, and parents who send them to their college students far from home. Watch out though. They are addictive. You can’t eat just one! That’s why I make B-Bites. You don’t feel guilty when you’ve eaten a few at one sitting.

Enjoy your cookies,

Bart Smith, Founder

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