White Chocolate Chip Cookies


White Chocolate Chip Cookies
These cookies give you such a rich, sweet, creamy, heavenly taste that you are already thinking of the second one! This might explain why some of my customers order these irresistible cookies in bulk quantities.

My Cookies Come In Two Sizes
B-Bites and B-Mo’s
Bart's Two Different Cookie Sizes: B-Bites & B-Mo'sB-Bites are worthy of 2 to 3 bites of pure chocolate chip cookie heaven. The B-Mo’s are outrageously decadent, satisfying, and about a quarter pound in size and weight. The B-Bites come in a dozen quantity, and the B-Mo’s in sets of 4.

I also toss in extra cookies, as you can see on the right, for you to give to people (if you choose) who might be looking at you eating YOUR cookies. I know they’ll want some when they see yours!

Simply click on the type and quantity of cookie you want to order:

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Bart Smith's World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (BartsCookies.com)

COOKIE INGREDIENTS: My regular white chocolate chip cookies are made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla extract, baking powder, salt, and of course, chocolate chips. They do contain wheat, milk and egg ingredients, and are baked at a location that handles nuts, but there are no nuts in these cookies.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the desired type of cookie (i.e., B-Bites and/or B-Mo’s) and the quantity. Make one choice at a time. Your choices will accumulate on a VIEW CART page where you can either CONTINUE SHOPPING (and come back to my site to ORDER MORE) or CHECK OUT, pay for your order, and I’ll START BAKING!

ORDERING INFORMATION: All orders are shipped the same day I bake them. Depending on the time of day, and what day (during the week) you place your order, there are certain days I like baking so that your order has the best chance at getting to you fast. I’m mindful of holidays, weekends and other days that might delay your order reaching you. Click here to learn more about your order.

Those cookies did the trick!

Thanks, Bart! Your cookies did the trick! They really made my day" ~ Sidney, Los Angeles, CA


When I received my package of cookies in the mail the aroma was wafting from the packaging.

"Bart's cookies are to die for. I am not a big dessert person, but I am BIG on The Bart Chocolate Chip Cookie. It's the perfect blend of chocolate chip and cookie. I can't explain it. You have to try it for yourself. You'll be hooked. When I received my package …


Bart’s Cookies are the best I’ve ever had.

"What can I say? Bart's Cookies are the best I've ever had. The chocolate chips are massive, and taste better than anything I've ever tasted in a chocolate chip! Bart, how do you make these?" ~ Ben B., Canada


“You are my cookie angel …”

“You are my cookie angel …” ~ Dottie Walters, Author of Speak & Grow Rich (“I was asked to make over 200 cookies for Dottie so she would have a desert to serve at her husband’s memorial ceremony when he passed away. It was a big honor to do this for her; to …


Within seconds of eating my first cookie I found myself asking for MORE and more!

“When everyone says, ‘these cookies are fantastic,’ you become a skeptic and think to yourself, yeah right, how good could they be? Well, was I ever surprised at just how delicious Bart’s Cookies really were. Wow! Within seconds of eating my first cookie I found myself asking for MORE and more. …


Chunky goodness, gracious, Bart!

"Chunky goodness, gracious, Bart! Your cookies are too yummy." ~ Barb, Ontario, Canada


These are the best cookies I have ever had.

"These are the best cookies I have ever had. I love the huge chocolate chunks! Thank you so much, Bart. We always look forward to this uber-chocolately treat! Keep 'em coming!" ~ Jessica, Sudbury, Canada


Thanks for the SUPER cookies! … you have a special touch!

"Thanks for the SUPER cookies! My husband ate most of them, since chocolate chip are his favorite; and said they were the best he has ever tasted. He did save me part of one, and I agree (and I don't usually like chocolate). Thanks, also for the recipe, and I might …


You have some fans in Canada!

"Thank you for sending the cookies, Bart. When I announced to the office that a big box of cookies had arrived from Bart Smith, they knew what that meant. You would have thought we shut the company down for an hour; everyone dropped what they were doing, ran into the kitchen …


They were so delicious.

"Thanks, for sending your home-made cookies. Your thoughtfulness was certainly appreciated. They were so delicious. Thank you …" ~ Laurene L.